Project Scope: Supervision of cleanup of previous expasion effort - Architectural Design Financing Arrangements - Construction of new facility


  • The church was in a state of mourning from two very traumatic events – in 2009, the senior pastor passed away, and their church burned down in the middle of an expansion effort.
  • Insurance coverage related to the fire presented a complex set of issues before the church could move forward with the new expansion.
  • One issue required proper disposal of hazardous materials during cleanup.
  • The church's finances needed to be properly prepared for a lender.
  • The economic downturn changed lending guidelines making it difficult to get a loan.

How we helped…

  • CDS met with the church leadership to assess the situation and offered to help pro-bono to protect them from making decisions under duress that they might later regret. We knew that the church needed time to heal before restarting the project.
  • CDS helped the church work through their insurance coverage that required proper disposal of hazardous materials. Our CFO had previous experience in this area and was invaluable to the church in negotiations with their insurance company.
  • CDS took over the demolition and cleanup earlier contracted by another company that was not following proper disposal guidelines.
  • Our CFO is also experienced in proper presentation of organizational finances that not only gets higher approval ratios but also better interest rates and terms. We were successful in helping the church secure construction and permanent financing.
  • Our design team designed a building that would be built in phases and reworked the existing site plan, which resulted in significant cost savings.
  • The property was barely large enough to support the ministry's vision but CDS helped maximize every square foot of space to satisfy the church's needs.
  • We assisted dealing with the insurance company, helped with demolition, secured financing, designed and built their 20,000 SF facility on time and within the budget.