The Process

STEP 1 - Facility Planning/Design

Begin with us! When you retain CPFL, we work with you to select a floor plan from our Resource Guide, our discussions or from one of our online plans.

If your leadership has many questions, or is unable to reach a consensus on a building plan, we recommend having one of our professionals meet with your building committee to work through the process.

STEP 2 - Site Plan/Civil Engineering/City Presentation

After your leadership has selected their church building plan, a civil engineer needs to be hired. The city or ruling jurisdiction is going to want an elevation (sketch of what the building looks like), a preliminary floor plan (what the building is going to be used for), and a site plan (how the building is going to sit on the property).

It is important that the church not get caught up in over-designing the preliminary drawing. The goal is to get the church building plan and the site plan to the city. Then, a better understanding of what the city will, or will not approve, and what conditions they are going to place on the approval. These will clarify the specifics of the building plan. This step cannot be overlooked and is often where valuable time and money is lost. Since CPFL is not being retained to manage this part of your project, someone from within the body will need to solely handle this aspect of the project. If no one in the body is available it is strongly recommended that outside counsel be hired.

STEP 3 - Construction Drawings/Planning Meetings

Once the preliminary approvals are granted by the city, CPFL and the civil engineer work together to complete construction drawings that comply with the city's requirements. Concurrently, CPFL recommends that the church begin its search for a construction manager and prepare its loan package. The construction manager can provide valuable insight into the construction drawings, often resulting in cost savings. CPFL, through its parent company Church Development Services, has significant construction experience and can provide construction management services at an additional cost. DCS fees are extremely competitive, offering the skills of a large firm with the pricing of a small firm. Once the drawings are completed and sealed, they will be presented to the city for approval and permitting.

STEP 4 - Construction Management

Time to begin construction. CPFL will continue to work with the church throughout the construction phase. Our fees do not include supervision of the construction. However, between the local building inspector, your local banker, and a professional onsite construction manager, we believe you are well served. If necessary, we will come out to the site for a fee.

STEP 5 - Celebration and Dedication!

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